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Raffles Singapore Review ; Best International Design School

How is academic life at this university / college?

I am not a student of Raffles College of Higher Education, but I have brothers and sisters studying there. They are all from Interior Design majors. All of Raffles' academic life is centered on his practice, namely how the designs created can be marketed to international markets. All curricula are centered on designing (design) almost everything, but what students are most interested in is graphic design and interior design. There are also internships, where this internship is important for students to prepare themselves for the world of work. It should be noted that in Raffles there are only S-1 programs and vocational education or certification, there is no S-2 program. So, you should look for Masters in a more complete and varied educational place such as the National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological University.

What are the students like?

Actually there are quite a lot of Indonesian students studying at Raffles, and the average Indonesian students studying at Raffles are female students. As far as I know, the number of seniors and juniors that I know at Raffles is huge - I mean, it's a lot. And, well ... They are indeed people who have an interest in design. There are also those who study at Raffles because you can see that the Raffles curriculum is only about design and not too heavy compared to lectures at university, so choosing Raffles, there is ... But to my knowledge it's rare.

Raffles students are very close to each other, and generally sociable. Unlike in universities or other colleges where students seem like they are fragmented as their country, Raffles students blend in more easily. Not only that, they also have a very good business spirit, so that when they graduate, many of them create jobs instead of working in their fields. In addition, not a few of the students work part time while studying.

What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life.

When not studying, there were actually many activities carried out by Raffles students.

If I remember correctly, I once wrote a review about the majority of James Cook University (JCU) students who like to have parties and gatherings at Marina Bay Sands. I think Raffles is more or less the same, it's just that if I look at the FB photos of my brothers and sisters, Raffles looks more 'populist' in terms of their favorite hangout places. An example is my junior who is currently a middle-level student at Raffles, taking pictures at the airport, City Hall, and Takashimaya (read: people's shopping center).

Regarding sports life, to be honest it is less noticeable. None of my acquaintances at Raffles are actively participating in sports, and when I looked at the Raffles website there was also no information about sports facilities at Raffles.

What is your overall opinion about this university / college?

Raffles is a good place for those of you who want to have a career in the world of design and fine arts. Maybe it would be better if you consider the choice of graphic design or interior design at Raffles University, because those two study programs are the most popular at Raffles. If you want to deepen your knowledge and how to think about the correct design, you can take your Bachelor's degree. If you are more interested in design skills that can be directly practiced in the world of work, you can try vocational education or certification. Accommodation is also not too difficult, you can choose from a large selection of apartments around the campus, there are many students who live there and that will definitely make your campus life more colorful.

Anyway, don't look for scholarships that come directly from Raffles, don't you have one! If you want, maybe you can use a fully-funded scholarship from the government / company / etc.

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